OG Wild Productions

Let the Survival Begin

Who we are at OG Wild Productions

We are Wyatt, Levi, Kevin and of course, OG the BigFoot. OG Wild is the product of an idea that sooner or later something is going to happen on a global scale that may change the course of life as we know it. We may be without power, the structures of society may break down altogether leaving us to fend for ourselves. That's an extreme condition of course, on a smaller scale you may find yourself lost in woods due to a wrong turn, a flat tire in the middle of nowhere, the only survivor of an aircraft crash, maybe there was a flood, earthquake, forest fire that forced you from your home, any number of possibilities may occur that will change how you need to live for extended period of time. Most people ignore these things believing it won't happen to them. Those who have had to live these experiences, wished they did know.

Our goal here is to educate the common individual on survival techniques set not by extensively trained military soldiers (though they are a wealth of knowledge and experience), but from more common people for common people. If you find yourself in an emergency situation, chances are you are not an ex-military individual trained to know how to survive. We do have some military training and that is important to provide you with better knowledge and experience if you are to ever face these challenges but it is also important to learn from experience built on common ground.

This site and it's affiliate projects is therefore, a learning platform where Ordinary Guys (OG) share with ordinary people what we learn on how to survive potentially life-threatening environments. From the mindset of first realizing you are in an emergency situation to everything you need to know and do to stay alive until you are rescued.

We have the experience and practical knowledge surviving in the outdoors but we are always learning new things and new techniques and we will always pass on new skills to our viewers and visitors. We are starting with the very basics of tools and supplies and we will also be experimenting with a variety of products available on the market today so you can see first hand what works and what doesn't.

The entire program comes together with the information found on, the ongoing collection of YouTube Videos and our own survival book in the works - Organizing Survival the OG Wild Way