OG Wild Productions

Let the Survival Begin

Being lost in the wild is scary, more so if you don’t know what you need to survive. You have to battle panic and depression on top of finding shelter, food and water.

Organizing Survival the OG Wild Way is an outdoor recreational book that educates ordinary people, from Ordinary Guys, how to organize their situation to survive in the wild if they ever find themselves in this type of situation. How do you start a fire, build a shelter, find food and water? What you need for tools and supplies? This information is found in all outdoor survival books because these are the things that need to be reinforced but OG Wild takes a step back to also teach you the psychology of survival, the mindset required to overcome the fear and panic of realizing you are in a situation where your decisions and your actions determine life or death. Then you are instructed how to organize yourself using the 5 C’s of survival: Cutting tool, Cordage, Combustion, Cover and Container; and the Rule of 4 to determine what you need to do first to maintain your comfort zone and ensure your immediate safety.

Packed with graphics and photos, OG Wild takes you on a journey of showing you what you can do to prepare and the tools (bug-out-bag) you can prepare with, efficient methods of fire craft and building shelters, local plant life useful for food and medicine and also includes a bonus chapter where we show knots, friction fire, lashing techniques and coal burning a wooden bowl and how to boil water in it.

Organizing Survival is a more unique view of bushcraft explained with a bit of the humour and personality folks who know us have come to admire.


Coming soon!