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What You Don’t Carry in Your Backpack Can Save Your Life

The backpacking market is flooded with great new gadgets and kits that allow you to tuck away just about anything and everything you need for a great trip outdoors. But we at OG Wild have noticed one important factor most of those stores, how-to and survival blogs fail to stress upon the wary hike…

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Clothes, The First Shelter

There is an old saying, “There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.”

Since the early days of humankind’s existence when we began to shed the thick, insulating fur covering from our bodies, we very quickly adopted another means of staying warm and somewhat protected in the o…

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The Freedom Emotion

The Freedom Emotion

The great outdoors. The liberating sense that your current lifestyle is somehow in the past and the present is all that exists as you walk among the trees. You pay no mind to the ground before you but the gentle sway of the branches and mesmerizing landscape around you. The ch…

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Alone. Huddled at the base of a tree, wedged between the roots for they alone offer any security. Eyes dart all around searching but not seeing with bated breath for breathing too loud may attract the attention of things unwanted.

A chill hangs heavy in the air though it is midday and the sun is…

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Then I Ate - Soup

I am getting into the habit of fasting every once in a while. Yes, starving myself on purpose for reasons unknown and ‘crazy’ to my family, but for reasons very sound to me. I like the challenge of learning my limits, I want the experience to pass on to students, I want to know I can do it if I ever…

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The Importance of Survival Psychology

The psychology of survival is an often overlooked topic that deserves its own section. Knowing how to manage your panic and stress when you first realize you are in an emergency situation is a key asset to your survival.

We teach the Rule of 4: 4 minutes without air, 4 hours in extreme weather, 4…

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A Thought on Friction Fire

Having tried out a bow drill friction fire starting method and recently the fire plow friction method, I would have to admit that if I'm stuck with no other means of getting a fire going I would put the time into building a bow drill over the fire plow unless I knew I had optimal materials on hand.

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