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The Freedom Emotion

The Freedom Emotion

The great outdoors. The liberating sense that your current lifestyle is somehow in the past and the present is all that exists as you walk among the trees. You pay no mind to the ground before you but the gentle sway of the branches and mesmerizing landscape around you. The chirping of birds or squirrels or a river babbling over the rocks and the mixing aromas of pitch, greenery and untainted earth fill your nostrils with every breath. This is the sense of an unchained spirit, the Freedom Emotion.

I haven’t met a bushcrafter who did not experience this to some extent. It is what draws us to the wilderness, this longing to be in it, to be a part of it, feeding it as it feeds us. For those of us who are truly seeking to regain that connection with the natural world, it is a journey into the soul, to be wholly unbound by commercialism and jurisdiction and regulations. There is only natural law and our God given right to be no more nor any less than that which we are. To discover what the Freedom Emotion is for yourself, make the time to exist in the wild and you will discover that truth soon enough.

How can you not sit under a tree or lay in an open field, listen to the melody of the water amongst the chorus of the leaves, basked in the golden warmth of the sun and not feel connected to this world? To lose the sense of being stressed or rushed or boxed in to any corporate standard? To understand the wilderness is not as much wild as we perceive and are taught but only unfamiliar when compared to the conveniences of the urban jungle we have grown so accustomed to?

Seek not the complications of society, but the simplicities of existence.

The Freedom Emotion connects us to the Earth, to the natural surroundings we need to be happy and healthy and to each other. The community of bushcrafters is a family, brought together by good folk seeking the same thing, a way to live better and an understanding of home.


To get an idea of what bushcrafting is about, watch this video and subscribe to our channel on the Rat Root Rendezvous weekend hosted at Karamat Wilderness Ways:

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