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Let the Survival Begin

The Importance of Survival Psychology

The psychology of survival is an often overlooked topic that deserves its own section. Knowing how to manage your panic and stress when you first realize you are in an emergency situation is a key asset to your survival.

We teach the Rule of 4: 4 minutes without air, 4 hours in extreme weather, 4 days without water, 4 weeks without food. Most people know or have heard of this concept or something similar but let's think about the food part. If you were to envision yourself being lost somewhere, what do you think your first thought would go to? Most think of what they are going to eat and that is what would kill them first.

The Rule of 4 is important to memorize. The average human being can survive up to four weeks without food. Four weeks. It's the last on the list not your first concern. Yes, you will feel hungry and over time, weak and tired but you will stay alive. Having fresh water is more important than food so you will look for that first. Surviving extreme weather is a greater threat than lack of water so you would build a shelter and of course, having no air to breathe will kill you faster than the other three rules.

Prioritize and organize. Not only does it help you keep your mind busy while you do something to maintain warmth and hydration but you are adding to your safety, security and peace of mind until help arrives - which stands a 99% chance of occuring inside of four weeks!






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