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We needed to do something a little different. Agreed, we went stagnant for a little while but that was so we could gather our focus because what we were doing wasn't working so well. A few posts here, a new video there, ended up with a few more viewers and a subscriber if we were lucky but we weren't giving the impression that we were committed enough.

That's changing.

We came up with some great new ideas for videos which we will focus on first because it is all about the marketing. We need more people to be aware of us and what we can offer. We want to put more entertainment value in the videos so viewers are having more fun while learning important concepts of wilderness living. The book is also being reimagined so it doesn't read like a run-of-the-mill how-to manual. There's going to be story involved - drama, adventure, excitement, laughter and maybe a few tears.

We are entering a time when more and more people are turning back to nature and that's a very exciting prospect because it's something we need to take better care of if we expect it to take better care of us. That's part of our new strategy, showing people how to reconnect, with a sprinkling of humour to make it fun. Not everything will come across like a joke, like the latest video, Step 1, Set up shelter. Step 2, Try not to blow it up, where we try to teach you how a super shelter works but we goof off - a lot... We also want to let you know that having a sense of humour will help you cope with stress and panic in hard situations.

We have more videos and more ideas on the way so please check back often, view some videos and comment back anytime, we love to hear from you!


Campout Priorities

Planned campouts or survival situation, there are always certain considerations to take to mind to make your campout more relaxing and successful, especially in winter when some resources are low.

When first choosing a campsite, which should have close access to a water supply, a fire is the first task at hand. Gathering materials for a shelter takes time and energy and if the daylight hours wane then you want some means to warm up your extremities to keep going. If you can't touch your pinky finger to your thumb, you can't start a fire.

In this video, we got the fire going, started on shelters and I got my soup on the boil before I finished my shelter. It was my efficient method to get set up and by the time my shelter was finished, so was my dinner.

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Becoming Bushcrafters

We live, we grow, we learn and we pass on that knowledge. That is where OG Wild maintains itself. We learn to be bushcrafters and we pass on what we learn. I don’t know if we ever stop learning things about wilderness survival because we aren’t there, we haven’t reached Kelly Harlton’s mastery of the 4th Skill where we are no longer surviving in the wilderness, we are simply living in it.


We have learned much since our first videos on YouTube. We practice and study and learn more where we can and we reinvent ourselves with adapting perspectives and expanse of knowledge. Our brand is focused entirely on learning and showing our viewers and visitors what we learn and how we use it. To us, that is what being bushcrafters is all about. We have learned not to assume because we can camp, we can bushcraft; because we can sleep under a tarp or in the open and lash up tripods, cook steaks on rocks or whittle spatulas from sticks, we qualify as ‘true outdoorsmen’. There is so much more to the title.


Yes, we can make do with very little supplies for a short period of time. Yes, we have a basic understanding of edible and medicinal plants to keep us going and yes, we have sufficient knowledge to keep us warm and hydrated in varied weather conditions. We also know what and when to eat and when not to.




Do we know how to pick any plant and describe its properties and what they can be used for? A few. Do we know all of the best practices for using knives, axes and saws? We’re getting there. Do we know every method of what and how to cook wild things, the best methods for preparing teas for different ingredients? Very few. Do we know everywhere to look for edibles in the winter? Also, very few. Will we try to eat a variety of insects for the sake of knowing what they taste like? So far, just red ants (I believe I am more willing to try before Levi and Wyatt though!).


This is just some of the required knowledge we must think about to become more proficient bushcrafters and reach that 4th skill. The great part is, for us it’s an incredible journey, it’s a way to reconnect with the primitive parts of our psyche and become more natural in the natural world. It’s where we began as a species and the more we learn, the more we question why we ever left it.


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