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Rat Root Renezvous 2017

Rat Root Rendezvous is a fall annual bushcrafter get together and this was the first year I was able to attend. The event is hosted by Karamat Wilderness Ways, owned by Randy and Lori Breeusma in Wildwood, AB and what a great time! 3 days, 2 nights sleeping in my hacienda - great weather, great people and a great learning experience!

I got to harvest rat root, aka sweet flag, eat a variety of natural foods like cattail root, purslane, fire weed, chaga tea, straight labrador tea tea not to mention the amazing pot luck supper we had on Saturday. I learned more about super shelters for long term survival, snares, how to carve wooden spoons and I fine tuned my bow drill friction fire technique.

Rat Root is a place to hob knob with the upper echelon of the bushcrafting masters like Mors Kochanski, Kelly Harlton, Bruce Zawalski, Ross Hinder, Brian Rice and many other general practitioners like myself. Definitely going back next year!